Welcome to Happy Color! When you’ve had a rough day, come relax here! We want to make your experience the most pleasurable and relaxing. We’d be so happy to provide you the best service. We’ve set up very good relationship with all our customers. All our staff are highly qualified and will be sure to take good care of your nails. We provide an eco-friendly, non-toxic, guilt free and high quality spa experience, where you can relax in a environment while indulging on the simple pleasure of having your hands, feet and body pampered by our well trained technicians. Definitely we will make sure you totally relaxed here.

At Happy Color, we are serious about health and cleanliness. We equip our salons with numerous air purifiers to circulate clean air. We sanitize our tools in hospital-grade autoclaves and store them in disposable pouches. We are also certified by the cleaning industry management standard.

All of these practices are just a few of the key highlights that make us different from other salons. We hope that you come visit us soon! You will leave feeling beautifully refreshed and rejuvenated! We appreciate you come and have a try.